Illustration de la Basilique Saint-Marc, Venise

St. Mark's Basilica, Venice, Italy.

Creation of a hand-drawn map to illustrate a 'les Collectionneurs' marketing newsletter: a recommended itinerary in northern Italy, between hotels, restaurants and experiences to discover.
"On the road with les Collectionneurs, from Bergamo to Venice".

Objective: to help visualizing the itinerary between the different establishments and experiences nearby; hold the reader's attention, stir his curiosity and make him want to discover the entire newsletter.
les Collectionneurs are an online community of travelers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, sharing the taste of travel with curiosity, requirement and generosity.

Vector illustration made with an Apple Pencil + Ipad Pro / Adobe Draw app.
Find out the North Italy newsletter :

les Collectionneurs


Illustration de la carte du nord de l'Italie / La route des Colletionneurs de Bergame à Venise
Newsletter les Collectionneurs "Sur la route de la Sérénissime" sur un Iphone

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